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    This way you are compliant with the AVG, Code Telemarketing and Telecommunications Act

    In recent years quite a lot has changed in the laws and regulations for customer contact. In this article we show you how you can be compliant with the AVG, Code Telemarketing and Telecommunications Act.

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    Conversational marketing: everything you need to know

    Conversational marketing: a buzzword or is it something you should be working on in 2024? We'll update you all the way.

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    Up selling & Cross selling: 5 proven strategies

    Are you in telesales and tired of the same sales pitch over and over again? Then read on. Up selling and cross selling are your secret weapons to not only increase sales, but to make your customers happy with more than they expected. Selling more while giving customers broad smiles: sounds like music to your ears, right?

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    This is how to become king(s) of active listening

    Good listeners: they are rare. But fortunately, you're never too late to learn, and this article is packed with tips on active listening and smart communication.

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    7 strategies to arm your call center against fraud

    The number of fraud attacks on contact centers is increasing rapidly. The financial sector, in particular, has to take a big hit. In the past year, the number of cases of fraud increased by 10%, which is not bad. In a world where customer contact is central to building customer satisfaction and loyalty, this wave of fraud comes with challenges and demands a smart response.

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    Effective Direct Marketing: here’s the secret

    Why does direct marketing still remain an essential part of the marketing mix, even in an age full of digital alternatives? That's simple: it's one of the most effective ways to generate and convert leads. In this blog, we dive into the heart of what makes direct marketing so powerful.

  • Digitale Transformatie

    Changing customer needs? Digital Transformation is your lifesaver

    Changing customer needs: every business faces them. What was right today is suddenly wrong tomorrow. How do you deal with a customer base that suddenly turns 180 degrees? Digital transformation is going to help you.

  • Klantenservice team motiveren

    10 effective ways to motivate your customer service team

    At a time when we are facing a massive staff shortage, motivating your customer service team is perhaps one of your most important tasks. But how do you tackle that? We are going to help you.

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    6 November 2023

    Outsourcing 101: everything you need to know about external collaborations

  • Aangepaste Code Telemarketing: 4 veranderingen die je moet weten

    23 October 2023

    Why acquisition outsourcing can be a gamechanger for your business

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    12 October 2023

    From opt-ins to don’t call me registry: an overview of regulations in telemarketing

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    5 October 2023

    Cold acquisition: a complete guide

  • b2b callcenter

    27 September 2023

    5 best practices for approaching prospects in the B2B call center

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    20 September 2023

    Effective Direct Marketing: here’s the secret