The way customers contact businesses has changed dramatically in recent years. It is true that many people still like to reach for the telephone, but that is no longer the only channel they use.

They reach out via email, live chat, WhatsApp and social media, all directly from their smartphones at any time of the day, no matter where they are.

For companies, this requires a completely new way of working and we think we can help you with that. Steam-connect is exactly what you need for future-proof customer contact.

We give you 7 advantages of this omnichannel contact center solution .

What, omnichannel?!

Being available is one thing, speaking to customers quickly and effectively is quite another. Managing all the different support channels manually or in different apps will drive your agents crazy. And it’s not good for your customer either.

But is there a way you can effectively serve all your customers on the channel of their choice?


With Steam-connect, the omnichannel contact center solution that brings all your channels together into one integrated platform.

Let’s take a look at how an omnichannel contact center solution can benefit your business and why we think Steam-connect is the best platform to improve your customer experience.

What is an omnichannel contact center?

How many tools do you and your customer contact agents use every day? Chances are, the answer is “too much.” Planning tools, call recorders, social media tools, analytics – the list goes on. And because these tools are often disconnected, agents must constantly jump between dashboards.

Worse, agents also have to manually add customer data into each of these tools and later compare it from different sources. Not to mention how frustrated agents can get when one of their tools doesn’t cooperate or crashes.

With omnichannel platforms, it is no longer necessary to use so many separate tools and support channels. All the contact channels through which you receive a question or request are brought together in one place, turning what was once a chaotic customer support process into perfectly streamlined and uncluttered customer support.

The biggest advantage of an omnichannel contact center solution is that customers can reach companies the way they prefer and when they want.

This helps to ensure that anyone who calls on your support gets a quick response and solution to their problem, regardless of the method they contact and without having to explain their problem several times, even if they change channels.

But an omnichannel contact center solution doesn’t just connect your support channels – it can do much more than just that.

It can bundle all the other tools your customer service team uses every day – from call management tools to CRM, analytics and knowledge bases.

This allows agents to connect all their tools together in one comprehensive platform, updating and sharing customer data in real time.

When agents don’t have to spend time updating tools or searching for customer data, they have much more time providing exceptional customer service and resolving caller issues.

And what’s especially important in these modern times of more work from home is that omnichannel contact center platforms work from the cloud, meaning they’re not tied to office computers.

Whether an agent uses his desktop computer at work, his personal laptop at home, or his smartphone while stuck in traffic, he can still access the same tools and help his customers in the same way as in the office.

Steam-connect fits in perfectly as a comprehensive platform for all companies that need to merge their support channels.

Let’s take a look at the top seven reasons why Steam-connect works exceptionally well as an omnichannel platform for all businesses, regardless of size or industry.

7 reasons to choose Steam-connect as an omnichannel contact center solution

Hundreds of companies conduct thousands of conversations every month via Steam connect. And that is not for nothing:

1. You get a 360-degree customer view

If you want to deliver a great customer experience, you need data. Lots of dates. But if you have to manually collect data from different channels, you may not even be able to make sense of the findings.

Steam-connect collects all customer data in real time and combines them into a comprehensive customer profile, so that you have a 360 degree customer view . Through main dashboards, agents can determine which metrics are important at any given time, giving them everything at a glance.

This means that regardless of the channel the customer uses, agents have all the information they need about the caller and can provide consistent support – even before the customer even reaches the agent!

2. Great IVR menus

An IVR menu is one of the most valuable tools a customer service team can have.

We all know how much callers hate being transferred from one agent to another and having to explain their problems multiple times.

An IVR menu can greatly reduce the need for call forwarding by immediately transferring the caller to the right person for a particular problem.

An IVR menu can also handle dozens of callers at once, so even during peak times you can count on it to seamlessly divide the callers into groups and then route them to the appropriate agents or departments.

To increase the productivity of your employees and let them focus on more complex questions or problems, an IVR menu can also be set up to answer simple questions or perform simple actions.

For example, if a caller just wants to know the status of the delivery, he doesn’t have to call a human agent first. The IVR can immediately check the status of a delivery and inform the caller accordingly.

This gives the caller a quick answer to their question and reduces the workload of your agents, so that they can spend longer on helping customers with more complex problems.

3. Smart calling features such as automatic call back, call recording and easy transfer

IVR is by no means the only tool in the Steam-connect platform that makes life easier for agents. The automatic callback feature may sound simple, but it can be of great help to your agents, especially during peak times.

This feature gives callers the option to either remain on hold and wait for an available agent or to end the call but still wait.

When an agent is free to take the call, Steam-connect will automatically transfer the agent to the caller.

75% of customers find the idea of a callback “very appealing” because it saves them time (and frustration) that they would have to spend waiting in line, and instead allows them to go about their daily tasks and wait for a call back. agent contacts again.

But that’s not all Steam-connect has to offer when it comes to helping agents make the most of their time. Because there is more:

  • Call recording – all conversations (you choose) are automatically recorded and stored in Steam-connects’ database for easy access.
  • Calling groups – When you have an incoming call, you can set up Steam Connect to alert all agents belonging to relevant departments or groups. The agent who responds first will be transferred to the caller, improving the average wait time of the support center.
  • Business Hours – Set the hours your team is available so that if a caller reaches you outside of that, they’ll hear a preset message asking them to leave a message, for example.
  • Call masking – hides your business or personal phone number by covering it with an automatically generated phone number, which works just like a regular phone number, except it expires after a certain period of time (usually 24 hours).

4. Steam-connect integrates with everything

For a true omnichannel experience and improving agent productivity, you need omnichannel software that integrates with tools you already use. Good news: integrations and API are one of the strongest points of Steam-connect.

You can make a huge improvement in efficiency because information is automatically sent from one system to another. Fewer mistakes are made and your processes run smoother, allowing you to work even more efficiently.

This helps the customer even better and your customer contact runs optimally.

We have a number of standard links , but of course you can also create your own links with our API.

5. Intelligent dashboards to analyze your team’s performance

If you want to stay on top of your team’s performance and provide them with good feedback, you also need to have a good understanding of how they are performing. From how long it took them to answer a call, to whether they managed to solve a problem or how long they took a break, Steam connect shows you everything you need.

Via one intuitive dashboard you can monitor the performance of your contact center in real time and you have immediate insight into a number of important data.

And don’t worry, you won’t be overwhelmed by loads of information that don’t interest you. You can easily adapt the dashboard to your needs, so that you can make decisions quickly and identify potential problems based on actual data.

With Steam-connect you take your call center reports to the next level!

6. Steam connect blurs boundaries

Answering emails or social media messages from customers around the world isn’t much of a challenge. But what about phone calls?

It used to cost a lot if you wanted customers from different countries to call you.

With Steam-connect you have access to worldwide phone numbers.

If your business operates (or plans to operate) in several countries, you can quickly get a local phone number for each country.

If they see a known number, your customers are also much more likely to call you than if you just provided a typical international (and probably expensive) phone number.

7. Call statistics, call monitoring, agent reporting and other tools to improve your performance

How good your omnichannel contact center is really depends on only one thing: the productivity of your agents.

The more you know about how your agents work, how long it takes them to finish a conversation and move on to the next, the easier it will be for you to improve things.

You can talk to any agent, but that’s a day job. Plus that you can’t draw a good comparison between agents.

So why not ask Steam connect to help you map your agents’ productivity?

On the platform you will find several tools that make it much easier for you to collect and compare data about the day-to-day work of your agents. This way you can use:

  • Call stats: From total calls (including missed calls) to average call duration, speed, and wait time, all updated in real-time.
  • Call monitoring : you can listen in on live conversations and intervene when you notice that a conversation is difficult.
  • Agent reporting: Get detailed statistics by agent so you can see how each agent handles calls and identify potential areas of training.

Conclusion: Steam-connect is the omnichannel contact center solution every customer-oriented company needs

Are your agents wasting too much time switching between tools or struggling to answer customer requests across channels?

Then an omnichannel contact center solution is exactly what you need to boost your customer experience. Curious how Steam-connect compares to other solutions? Then look here .

Time they can invest in paying attention to your customer. So why not give Steam connect a chance? Request a demo and we’ll see what suits your contact center best.