Making mistakes is human, but in the world of customer contact they are very dangerous. Customer contact is an essential part of a successful company and negative customer experiences have a major influence on your success. We collected 8 common mistakes in customer contact for you and also report how to avoid them.

A bad customer experience costs money, it’s that simple. And a lot of money too: a report by Forrester shows that a few years ago it even rose to 62 billion dollars (!) in lost sales in the US.

Good support ensures a strong customer relationship, but we also know that it is not perfect everywhere. Do you recognize yourself in one of these common mistakes in customer contact?

1. Not providing your agents with proper training

Too often agents rely on the user guide or a knowledge base. Is your customer service team unable to ask the right questions to a customer to find out what they need?

Or does it just take too long to find a solution? Then you’re really wrong.

With good training for your agents you tackle this. Keep them on their toes and provide regular training to update knowledge.

Training is not something you do once: repeat regularly and also make sure that your agents are continuously fed, because that keeps them motivated.

2. You are not proactive towards your customers

This is actually one of the most common customer contact mistakes at companies. Many dissatisfied customers remain dissatisfied until they are contacted.

The result? Customers who walk away.

To prevent this, it is important that customer service frees up time for problem analyzes and process analyses. Have them proactively follow up on customers instead of waiting for the phone to ring.

Create your own knowledge base and encourage your team to share links to documents such as FAQs, white papers or videos with your customers.

This also gives your customers the opportunity to help themselves on their way. Self-service is really a customer contact trend that we see a lot.

3. You are not easily accessible for your customers

Hard-to-reach businesses are customers’ biggest annoyance – or what are we saying? From society!

A customer doesn’t care what time zone he is in, he just wants his problem solved as quickly as possible.

He wants to contact you at any time of the day and also get an answer right away.

Is contacting difficult or does it not even work at all? Say goodbye to your good reputation.

Make sure you have enough manpower and consider implementing a chatbot to reduce the first response time.

Customers still like to call to get an immediate answer to their question.

The number one annoyance is not being able to find a phone number.

Even though it is 2022 and we communicate omnichannel : make sure that customers can continue to call you. You will reap a lot of benefits from that!

4. You don’t listen to your customers

Listening well to someone is a fantastic skill, and your customer service team should definitely excel at it.

There’s nothing worse than a support agent who comes up with an answer that doesn’t match the customer’s question at all.

Agents should never fill in anything themselves or just start from somewhere . They should actively listen, take notes and most importantly ask the customer to repeat the question.

Make sure to implement customer satisfaction surveys in your customer service software and collect as much feedback from your customers as possible.

This way you know whether the quality of your service team is at the level you are aiming for.

5. You don’t keep your promises

Nobody likes to be disappointed and that is no different for your customers. One of the most important mistakes in customer contact is not keeping promises.

Nothing is more annoying than what to expect from a company that is not fulfilled.

Try turning it around!

Your product and service must do what it is supposed to do, but what if it was something extra ?

It is always better to inform your client in time that there will be a delay and to apologize if your team is not going to meet the agreements. Put on the sackcloth , that’s part of it.

Don’t promise anything you can’t keep and be realistic about what you tell your customers. Then no one will be disappointed.

6. You’re Not Fast Enough

Everyone is busy. Time is scarce and we prefer not to wait for an answer. Waiting makes us irritated.

And we’re not just talking about being on hold on the phone, but about all channels.

When someone starts a chat, they want an answer within a minute. So whether you’re dealing with a slow agent or a poorly tuned chatbot, you really can’t.

Chats that are forwarded to multiple agents, poor call quality and slow response time to emails: you cause more damage than you would like.

According to a report from Forrester , 41% of customers expect a response to an email within six hours , but only 36% of companies surveyed actually respond within six hours.

Measure your NPS and CSAT and make sure you know where you can improve in your team. Track average response time and take steps when you’re not happy.

7. You are not (yet) omnichannel present

Gone are the days when your customer only contacted you by phone. Today they storm you from all channels. This can be by telephone, but also via live chat, e-mail or social media.

It just depends on what your customer wants and you really can’t force your customer to use a particular channel.

Companies that engage in omnichannel customer contact reduce their retention by up to 89%! That research also shows that companies that can be reached omnichannel have higher customer satisfaction.

To get the most out of your omnichannel strategy and not to be overwhelmed by contact channels, most companies use omnichannel software .

8. You don’t keep track of your customer data and history

Good customer service is not just limited to knowing the right answer. It’s about finding the perfect solution.

According to a recent survey, 64% of people expect to receive real-time help regardless of the channel they use, 37% expect to be able to contact the same customer service representative regardless of the channel they use, and 87% believe brands need to work harder to create a seamless omnichannel experience for customers.

Chances are, your customers will get frustrated when an agent can’t access that customer’s previous data they need during a phone call or chat.

For excellent customer service, it is therefore necessary to implement a tool that unifies your customer data.

Do you need such a tool? Request a demo of Steam-connect . That literally has everything you need to give your customer a sublime customer experience.