In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to find new and innovative ways to increase sales. One way to do this is to use aftersales services.

Aftersales is a process that takes place after the initial sale has taken place. It can have different purposes and is used to generate more business from current customers, to attract new customers or receive feedback. Here are three ways to use aftersales to increase revenue

What is meant by aftersales?

Aftersales is a term used to describe the services or assistance provided to customers after they have made a purchase. This could be anything from help setting up the product they purchased to customer service support or a follow-up on their new purchase.

Why aftersales is vital

Aftersales is often an overlooked part of the customer experience, but can be incredibly important in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. By providing good after-sales support, companies can ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchase and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, good aftersales service can help build trust and credibility with customers, which can be incredibly valuable. Not all dissatisfied customers go to report their complaints to the customer service department, they just leave.

Aftersales can still identify these problems and ensure that they are resolved. If you give a customer attention after the purchase, you ensure a positive customer experience. You show that your company values consumer feedback.

How do you use after-sales to generate more revenue?

But how do you do aftersales? Aftersales can have several purposes:

1. Invest in customer loyalty

The first step to generating more revenue with after-sales is to increase customer satisfaction. Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can create a 95% increase in sales?

Providing a positive experience is a good way to retain customers; dissatisfied customers are more likely to step out the door anyway. Loyalty programs can also help, as can follow-up emails to your customer.

It’s a waste to just let your customer go after the purchase. You want to receive feedback and identify any problems as they arise. Satisfied customers are incredibly valuable, and it’s a waste if you just let them go.

2. Upselling and crossselling

Another way to generate more revenue with after-sales is upsell and cross-sell to your existing customers.

Upselling is the process of selling a higher-priced product or service, while cross-selling is the process of selling a related product or service.

Say you sell software, for example, you can upsell your customers for an annual subscription or cross-sell for a training course.

3. Offer discounts and promotions

Who doesn’t love discounts? Give your customers a limited-time discount on a repeat purchase or promote bundle discounts.

4. Let us know when you have something new

A smart way of aftersales is to let your customers know when you have something new to offer or a service has been improved. After all, they’ve already made a purchase once, so a second time will work.

For example, suppose you sell software, you could create an app or an online course that teaches people how to use it effectively.

Do aftersales research

When it comes to aftersales, it is important to examine what the customer wants and needs.

Often customers will have questions or need help getting started with their new purchase. Your job as a business owner is to provide that support and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

You should also research what other services or products you can offer your clients. Upselling and cross-selling can be incredibly lucrative, so researching what products and services would be a good fit for them is essential.

Finally, you also need to stay abreast of changes in your industry. If there are new products or services that are a good fit for your customers, let them know! You want to make sure that you always give them the best possible service.

Here’s how to set up an effective aftersales strategy

So plenty of reasons to get started. But how do you set up a smart strategy?

1. Set customer service standards

One of the most important aspects of aftersales is your customer service department. You need to set clear standards for what is acceptable in terms of customer service and make sure all your employees are aware of them.

This means responding to customers in a timely manner, addressing their concerns, and going above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied with their purchase.

2. Train your agents on upselling and cross-selling.

An important part of aftersales is upselling and cross-selling. Your staff should be well trained in how to do this effectively so they can increase your company’s sales.

This must be done in a helpful manner, though; pushiness is something everyone dislikes and it backfires. Your colleagues should be able to identify which products or services are a good fit for the customer and make a recommendation accordingly.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Finally, use technology to your advantage. There are a number of ways you can use technology to improve your aftersales experience.

For example, you can use e-mail marketing to follow up with customers after they make a purchase or set up a loyalty program that rewards customers for repeat purchases.

In addition, you need to make sure you keep good records of all your customer interactions. In Steam-connect, you always have a 360-degree customer view and no matter who the customer is on the phone with, all the information is always available.


A satisfied customer is the goal of every business. By providing excellent customer service, training your staff in up-cross-selling, and using technology to your advantage, you can create a system that ensures customers are satisfied with their purchase and likely to return in the future.

It is also important to keep track of all interactions with your customer so that you can better serve them in the future.

Always put your company values first and make your consumers feel like they are your top priority. Only then will your efforts be rewarded. Good luck!