If you want to survive in today’s competitive landscape, you will have to offer an excellent customer experience. But that is not easy, we know that better than anyone. Questions nowadays no longer come in on a single channel and customers also expect that they are helped immediately. The solution? Contact center software.

With this software, agents can improve their productivity and serve customers on all channels, without switching between tools. We list 8 advantages of contact center software that you really can’t ignore.

If you have customers, you need customer contact and people who can speak to them. A contact center is no longer just a place where calls are made, but a place where you can track, monitor and manage conversations with your customers.

All the phone calls and messages mean that agents are often under pressure and struggle to keep their productivity high. Customers always want to be helped immediately and it doesn’t give you a good feeling when you can’t keep an appointment quickly.

That is one of the reasons why many companies choose to use contact center software. It helps you to restructure daily conversations and to engage in good conversations with customers. In fact, it makes the things you need most a lot easier, such as call scripts, monitoring, and call recording. Thanks to the software, the workload of your agents becomes less and a lot more efficient.

Contact center software: the benefits for companies

If you think about the challenging job that agents have today, you can no longer ignore customer contact software. Nevertheless, we will mention 8 advantages for all companies with customer contact.

1. Customer service is more manageable

The telephone has long ceased to be the only channel through which customers contact you. Today they reach you via email, chat, WhatsApp, Facebook , Twitter… It just depends on the individual’s preference. So while your agents are on the phone, there is also a stream of messages coming in on numerous channels. In practice, this means a lot of manual work (” Can I have your zip code?” ) and searching for data. Because it may just be the case that a customer first contacts you on Facebook and then picks up the phone the next time. And then it’s a shame if your agents have to constantly ask the same questions, right?

With contact center software you bundle all those channels in one system. Whether a customer contacts you via Twitter or WhatsApp: with an incoming message you immediately have the correct customer data and you can even reply in the channel of the customer’s choice. In addition, you should see the software as a complete tool for the complete management of your contact center. Intuitive dashboards give you insight into the productivity of your agents or the work schedule. In fact, it is an HRM, CRM and contact center in one.

2. Productivity improves dramatically

When your agents do not have to switch tools continuously and the administrative burden is reduced, there is more time left to focus on customer service. In addition, contact center software gives you 360-degree insight into your entire contact center, so you know exactly how an agent is performing. Are you training someone? Then you can listen in on a conversation or even whisper something to the employee.

3. Contact center software is cost effective

Time is money, it’s that simple. Instead of hiring more agents, you can also optimize your processes. The great thing about contact center software is that it is easy to manage, because you do not need IT knowledge for it. The costs are very transparent, because you pay per seat per day. So you buy what you need and you can see the costs as variable. When you are busy, you use more licenses than when it is quiet. In addition, you do not have to invest in a server park or expensive telephone exchange, because it works completely from the cloud.

Experience shows that users of contact center software often recoup their investment within six months. Curious about the ROI for your company? Request a quote and we will calculate it for you.

4. You build a professional image

Did you know that contact moments with your customer service can determine the image of your entire company? If customers contact you and get an answer to their question without any problems, they quickly see your company as a professional. Waiting is often one of the most frustrating moments and smart IVR menus make it easy to respond. A simple IVR that tells your customer to wait for an agent to contact you, looks more professional than a phone that keeps ringing for minutes.

Research shows that getting a quick response is the most important part of customer satisfaction. More than 40% of people think it is important to get an answer quickly.

5. It increases your sales success

Contact center software is also a great marketing tool because you can use it both outbound and inbound. Direct sales, appointment scheduling, lead generation or database enrichment? It’s all possible with the software. In addition, it has an integration with Salesdock as standard . Does an agent have a lead on the phone who is interested in a quote? Then data from the software is immediately transferred to Salesdock. The agent does not have to open other systems or transfer data, the completed quotation is ready and can be sent immediately, without errors.

This saves time and reduces the chance of errors. And your agent can focus on what he does best: selling!

6. Identify Urgent Calls

To enhance your customer experience, it is vital to prioritize calls. With contact center software you immediately determine the urgency of calls. When customers contact your customer service, the software provides a sequence that tells the customer’s needs by, for example, keying in a certain number.

From this step you know which calls should be given priority first. Contact center software provides you with this information to create a logical sequence. That way, agents can respond immediately to those who need a quick response. Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about determining which calls are the most urgent. In the software you have the list of your clients ready to answer. At the same time, the software takes care of other calls in the queue, so you don’t lose any important calls in the process.

7. You provide an exceptional customer experience

Customers prefer to work with a company that they can reach at any time of the day. When they buy a product or service from your company, they expect to be able to contact them if they encounter any issues, such as defective items, undelivered products, and so on.

They no longer type a long email describing exactly what their problem is. They want immediate answers and a quick solution to the problem. With the right software, you can quickly answer questions and ensure that your customers feel heard.

8. Contact center software is safe

Customer data is a kind of business treasure. They contain useful information, such as product preference and shopping history. But preserving your customers’ data can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a security system or backup system in place to protect the data.

Contact center software often comes with features like instant cloud backup. Whenever you receive calls from customers, the software will immediately back up the information on its system. You don’t have to worry about losing data from the customers who help your business further.


Contact center software is a real addition to increase the productivity of your customer department. It helps call agents manage all incoming and outgoing calls by tracking and routing them. The software also provides features to handle a variety of customer requests, such as general inquiries, technical support, complaints, and sales calls.

Software such as Steam-connect integrates all your contact channels into one system and makes the life of your agents a lot more pleasant. And the great thing is that it is live within two days, without the help of your IT department. Do you want to know more about this software solution? Download the brochure here .