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Customer contact is an essential part of any successful business. It requires a multitude of skills to help customers effectively and efficiently while making positive impressions and creating loyalty.

While the specific skills needed depend on the individual business, there are three basic skills that are essential for customer contact: communication, problem solving and interpersonal relations.

Steam-connect makes efficient customer contact a lot easier. How? You can read about that in this blog.

What is effective customer contact?

Good customer contact is the art of communicating with customers in a way that understands and responds to their needs while building a positive relationship with them. Efficient customer contact involves a range of skills, including empathy, assertiveness, clear communication and problem solving.

Good customer service is critical to a company’s success. Customers who have a positive experience with a company are more likely to return and make recommendations to others.

To have effective customer contact, a company must be able to handle customer complaints and inquiries quickly and efficiently.

One way to do this is by providing personal attention, fast response times and expert knowledge of the product or service.

In addition, it is important to listen to customer feedback and take it seriously in improving services. By showing understanding and compassion, a company can strengthen its relationship with the customer and leave a positive impression.

9 ways Steam-connect makes your customer contact efficient

We told it in the intro: Steam-connect is the golden egg. Why? We tell you that below.

1. You can manage Steam-connect independently – without intervention from the IT department

Nothing is more annoying than depending on an IT department. With Steam-connect, you keep the reins nicely in your own hands. After a two-day training, you’ll set up all your campaigns yourself as if you’ve never done anything else. And are you really not getting there? If so, our support department would be happy to take a look with you.

2. You can bundle all your contact channels into one solution

In omnichannel customer contact, customers can contact you through different channels, such as phone, email, chat, social media. The goal is to provide a consistent and user-friendly experience regardless of how customers communicate.

It is important to have customer contact software that integrates all these contact channels, as this allows you to respond to customer requests quickly and efficiently, improving the customer experience and increasing loyalty.

In addition, an integrated approach helps centralize information about customers and their requests in one place, simplifying the process of problem solving and decision making.

With Steam-connect, you bundle all your contact channels into one solution. This allows you to offer your customers a seamless experience, regardless of the contact method used.

This makes your contact center more efficient, gives you a distinctive service and makes for happy customers!

3. You reduce your reaction time

Customers want to be served quickly, preferably yesterday rather than today. By integrating your various contact channels, contact center agents working with Steam-connect can move quickly and respond to customer requests.

By handling different contact channels simultaneously, you can answer more customer questions.

In addition, Steam-connect provides an advanced reporting tool that allows you to monitor and improve call center performance and your team’s performance in real time. This allows you to respond quickly to problems and ensure satisfied customers.

Steam-connect also allows call center workers to collaborate in a single platform, allowing them to assist each other in solving complex queries. A win-win situation!

4. Steam-connect is hosted in the cloud – incredibly flexible

Gone are the days when we sat in an open-plan office from 8 to 5. Today, employees want to be able to work anywhere, and it’s no different for customer contact employees.

Steam-connect is hosted in the cloud, making it accessible anytime, anywhere. Can your colleague get out of the office for a day? Then he works just as well from home.

5. No investment in expensive hardware

The fact that Steam-connect is hosted in the cloud has another advantage for you: you don’t have to invest in an expensive server farm yourself – with all the associated maintenance.

We host the software in our Dutch data center and make sure your data is secure, with ISO 27001 certification.

6. You pay only for what you use

You know those software packages where you pay by bundles and sometimes pay for something for months that you no longer use? Not with us.

We charge your usage per seat per day, so you never pay a penny too much. Scaling up and down is very easy and you can cancel your contract any day.

7. With Steam-connect, keep an overview of your entire department

Inbound and outbound calling, customer contact via email, social media, live chat…. but that’s not all. In fact, with Steam-connect, you not only manage your customer journey, you manage your entire contact department, including your personnel administration.

Easily keep track of your staffing levels and get birthday notifications: with Steam-connect, you not only have a 360-degree customer view, but you make the whole of your contact center more efficient.

8. Steam-connect has a snazzy API

Do you use other systems, such as a CRM system? Steam-connect has an incredibly good API that likes to talk to other software.

We also have standard links, such as with Salesdock. Which allows you to tightly collect your opt-ins and create offers. Is a customer on the phone interested in a quote? Dan worden de gegevens uit Steam-connect aan Salesdock aangeboden.

This means that a pre-completed quotation request is ready. This saves time, reduces the chance of typos and allows you to spend more time on other things.

9. Update every two weeks

Good software is never finished – after all, the world doesn’t stand still either. That is why we are constantly developing our platform and roll out updates every two weeks.

We devise those updates together with you: our users. After all, who else knows how to make the software even better?

Experience it yourself?

Steam-connect is an efficient and cost-effective customer contact solution that provides all the features you need to make your life easier and take your customer contact to the next level.

It is hosted in the cloud, so accessible anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, with its advanced reporting tools and API integration capabilities, Steam-connect provides a comprehensive overview of your entire contact center in one place.

And to top it off, we roll out an update every two weeks to make Steam-connect even more complete. Want to experience the power of this platform for yourself? Request a free demo.