The time when it was enough to install a simple virus scanner and an alarm on your building is over. Criminals use all kinds of tricks to get to your data and in the process they go over dead bodies.

The chance that criminals will physically visit your building with a button bag to steal customer data is not great, they were already working from home before we had even heard of covid. The number of cyber intrusions is therefore skyrocketing, almost daily you read in the newspaper about a company that can no longer access its data without first depositing a large sum of money.

For example, the media market was recently the victim of a cyber attack and employees were no longer able to use computers in the stores.

If you have not arranged your online security properly, sooner or later it will simply be your turn. An absolute nightmare for every entrepreneur and you want to do everything you can to limit damage.

As a call or contact center you are a very interesting prey. You process a huge amount of data and often that also involves sensitive personal data, so count your profits.

How secure is Steam-connect?

Enough reasons to continuously focus on security and we do that. We are always working to make Steam-connect even more secure and adapt the software to the current zeitgeist. But how secure is Steam-connect? In this blog we tell you exactly what we do about the security of Steam-connect.

What about the security of Steam-connect in the data center?

We store your data in a state-of-the-art data center that meets the strictest security standards and (ISO) certifications. For example, the data center has tier 3+ security and is above NAP.

With Tier 3 security, equipment replacement and maintenance can take place without downtime. Every component needed to support the IT environment can be shut down without impacting the business processes. Tier 3 data centers are physically separated from other buildings and function solely as a provider of data center services.

This way you can count on maximum reliability and performance.

How does the Steam-connect access policy work?

To secure access to Steam-connect, there are several security measures that you can deploy yourself if you wish:

  • You determine which user can log in within which times;
  • You can set from which location can be logged in by placing known locations on the IP whitelist. If an employee wants to log in from another location, this location must first be placed on the IP whitelist. This way you can prevent logging in at unknown locations.

You log in to Steam-connect with a password. You can choose a passgrid, where the password is different every time. In addition, you can set the requirements for a password by setting an access policy. So you decide how complicated a Steam connect password should be.

Tip: make sure you set a strict password policy or opt for a passgrid. Did you know that 1 23456 is still the most used password ? More than one in 140 leaked passwords consists of this row of numbers. Too embarrassing for words really.

Two-factor authentication

To secure access to Steam-connect even more strictly, you can also choose to use two-factor authentication. A colleague does not only need a password, but also a code that is sent to a preset telephone number, e-mail address or an authenticator app when logging in.

Is Steam-connect ISO 27001 certified?

Yes, of course! Steam-connect has ISO27001 certification, a globally recognized standard in the field of information security. The purpose of this certification is to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information within the company.

This concerns, for example, the protection of personal and company data and protection against hackers and burglary. With this we also add an extra layer in the security of your customer data.

Tips for extra data security within your company

In addition to the measures that have been taken technically to keep your customer data safe, it is also very important to take good organizational measures yourself. Did you know that the majority of digital break-ins are the result of human error? When your employees are more aware of the risks that certain technology entails, this reduces the chance of data loss and theft.

  • Make clear agreements about password use. Make sure you use password managers and that everyone uses a unique password for each system. We use 1Password ourselves, one of the best and finest password managers;
  • Discourage or prohibit local storage of data and take measures to prevent unreliable software and apps among employees;
  • Make sure your employees are clear about how they deal with strange e-mails or suddenly different functioning hardware;
  • Make sure you install software updates on time;
  • Train your employees to recognize (possible) data leaks and to share them directly with a manager;
  • Do you outsource your customer contact to an external call center ? Then make sure that the external call centers work in your Steam-connect environment. This way you keep control of the customer data yourself and you do not have to share it with your call centers in any other way.