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What are the best techniques for selling telecom? Our partner manager Ito gives you his best tips.

1. Know what you are talking about

Ho, stop. Get rid of that phone. Before you even think about calling a prospect, make sure you know your product inside and out.

Because we can give you one thing on a silver platter: a prospect is going to ask you questions.

With a “I have to get back to you on that,” you might get away with it once, but if it occurs twice in a conversation you might as well get back in your car. Opportunity lost.

Make sure you have answers to all the questions. And then really all of them. In addition to questions about your product, you should also be able to answer questions about your team, your company and the market.

The more a prospect trusts you and you see everything knowledgeable, the faster the signature will be made.

Also, above all, stay up to date. We ourselves believe it is important for a vendor to support its partners with telecom sales, and so we conduct regular sales training on our SyrinX-PBX.

2. Stay ahead of your competition

Decision-makers in B2B often do their own research before making a final decision. The sales market has turned into a buying market and the buyer lives in the digital age.

That means prospects know what is new in the industry and what is not. Your prospects know all too well what your competitors have to offer, because fat chance that proper research has been done.

And then it’s up to you to stay ahead of your competition and be aware of the latest and greatest products in the market. You have to know what’s coming, because otherwise your prospect will knock you right out of the field.

And again, the more you know, the more reliable you come across.

3. Selling telecom starts with listening

Once you get a lead on the phone, we know you’re ready to cut loose with your story.

But wait a minute: in the sales profession, listening is the very, very important thing. Your customer has a problem and you have the solution.

Start by taking stock and letting your prospect tell you what kind of business they have and where the need is.

This way, you not only validate the lead, you make the other person feel that he or she is valuable to your company.

You also get a good understanding of the problems they may face on a daily basis.

Even if it doesn’t end in a deal, you have more information about your customer group that you can use again in the future.

4. Ensure a streamlined process

This is something that most salespeople are not fond of, but it is important.

Make sure your systems are well organized, invest in a good CRM solution and keep it filled!

When everyone on your team is organized daily, everyone has the tools they need to support leads throughout the buying process.

An effective CRM solution and a good process also make it easier to customize solutions for each lead.

5. Stay visible and be transparent

After the sales process is over, it is not over. It is a cycle and when you have gone through it you are back to square one. Celebrate having a new client, but don’t push too hard and get right back on the gas.

Maintaining and upselling existing customers is perhaps even more important than new business.

Make sure you have a visible presence and make your customers feel comfortable so they know how to find you when something is not right.

That means communicating openly, and again, listen to your customers. What do they like going well and what do they dislike?

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