• Lead Development Company

    Lead Development Company

    At Lead Development Company, the quality of telephone acquisition is paramount. Steam-connect plays an important role in this way of working.

  • SociaalPlus


    Limitations are there to be solved, that is the credo of SociaalPlus. You can also earn money if you have poor eyesight, are in a wheelchair or are easily overstimulated. Steam-connect is happy to join this in order to make the distance to the labor market a lot smaller.

  • Roscom Promotion

    Roscom promotion

    Switching the entire company largely to telemarketing became the salvation for Roscom Promotion. 'Practically our entire company revolved around distinctive field marketing at home, with pop-up stores and mobile units. We supported that with a small telemarketing department, which already worked with Steam-connect, and in 2020 that will be completely reversed. On the one hand it seems very different, on the other it fits perfectly with our company DNA.'

  • Donation Company

    Donation Company

    In the world of fundraising it is more and more about the real conversations between the 'raisers' and the donors. Not only conversations about increasing the contribution are central, but a substantive conversation about the importance of the organization and the mission. Daan Breij, CEO of Donation Company, explains the thinking behind this and how he does that with Steam-connect.

  • Consumind

    Mister Sales

    Nearly every sector saw its sales collapse overnight in mid-March, including telemarketing companies. Mister Sales refused to give in and built a completely new company: MisterChat.nu.

  • Best Next Contact

    Best Next Contact

    The customer service landscape has been enriched with a new player since the beginning of the year. Best Next Contact was founded by Geoffrey Peytier with the ambition to become the specialist in the field of outgoing customer contact. He also wants to do things differently than others in other areas.

  • SteamConnectBlog 32

    Quality Contacts

    Quality Contacts trades a large part of its customer contact orders in Steam-connect. “We are currently in the final phase of the migration process.”

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  • SteamConnectBlog 04


    With Steam-connect, Uitblinqers makes customer contact more personal, more efficient, and more fun. How do they do that? With Steam-connect of course.

  • SteamConnectBlog 31


    The technology of Steam-connect ensures that Soleo's services are never under pressure, even at peak times. Read below how that comes about.

  • Essent Belgium

    Essent Belgium

    Pioneering is in Essent Belgium's DNA. As far as is known, the energy supplier is the first in the Benelux to buy a software package itself and have it implemented at the various facility contact centers that make outbound calls for Essent Belgium. To get a better grip on the process, they work with Steam-connect.

  • SteamConnectBlog 27


    CONSUMIND BV invents and develops initiatives in the field of (personal) spending. With their services, the 140 employees of CONSUMIND help consumers and organizations in making decisions about the daily budget. The website Consumind.nl is the first concept developed by the company MTVTD BV (pronounced Motivated). CONSUMIND was founded in 2011 and is located in Utrecht.