M+ Group is a specialist in answering customer contact issues, regardless of the communication channel. “We operate just like a football team”, commercial director Dave Geukes describes the company. “Although we share the same DNA, everyone has their own talents. This is how we build a strong organization: by bringing all different disciplines together.”

According to client manager Kris Bozic, the best is obtained when the business units work together and when there is interaction with the customer. “That’s when we feel the best. Of course we can limit ourselves to just carrying out an assignment, but we only really become happy when we are allowed to think along. We love to be challenged and look beyond the most obvious horizontal solutions. We can really enjoy such challenges.”

Geukes fully agrees: “For us, it doesn’t stop with customer demand. We always look to see if things can be done smarter and better. We always say: ‘We go from good to better’ and always try to offer more than what the customer asks of us.”

Operate from A to Z

Smart use of data The M+ Group consists of the three business units M+ Communicare, a contact center for omnichannel customer contact campaigns, M+ Digital, a team of developers, designers and marketers, and M+ Finance, where WFT-certified personnel work for banks and insurance companies. Due to the synergy between these business units, clients can be served from A to Z.

“In addition to the contact center activities within M+ Communicare, we can use our Digital business unit to ensure that data is handled smarter, or that a campaign is deployed more effectively,” explains Bozic.

“We have developed a complete order platform for a large client, which is linked to various recruitment channels and online promotion sites. Within our contact center, our advisors work 7 days a week to handle all questions via social, chat, e-mail and telephone. Interaction between the various business units ensures that there is maximum grip on the process and rapid adjustment is possible in an extremely efficient manner.”

Geukes adds: “Plus that our client also receives a piece of marketing information, a precise analysis of where his buyers or target group is and how we can be most successful. So we can devise, develop, implement and service something.”

Anticipating questions

The platform that the M+ Group works with within the contact center is Steam-connect. The company, based in Alphen aan den Rijn, switched in 2012 because of the future-proofing of the platform.

“More and more customer contact took place via the internet and social media,” says Bozic. “Steam-connect can easily be configured by developers on a campaign basis. This ensures that we are very flexible, but that we can also anticipate future questions from clients. For example, if a new communication channel is added, we can facilitate this.”

“Using Steam-connect was a first step forward for us in the new communication possibilities.”

‘Steam-connect thinks ahead’

Another reason to choose Steam-connect is because they think ahead, says Geukes. ‘For example, Steam-connect unlocks channels even before they are used by consumers. Chat, for example, was already built-in, while there was hardly any chatting. So we don’t have to ask if certain options can be implemented, because they are already there.

“In addition, Steam-connect also communicates with external systems and you can therefore make connections with them.”

Good interaction

Steam-connect and the M+ Group maintain a good relationship that goes beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship. “We periodically have discussions with Steam-connect to see where the market is headed and how we can anticipate this,” says Bozic.

Geukes gives an example: “We are in talks with a party in quotation tooling and it would be great if it could be integrated into Steam-connect. Steam-connect then entered into a conversation with that party to see if that is possible. ”

In addition to the discussions at the operational level, the employees of M+ Group often have contact with the people of Steam-connect, says Geukes. ‘Our developers can chat or call the Steam-connect back office for support. There’s a good interaction with Steam-connect in that regard and they’re always open to new things.”

Bozic also praises the collaboration. ‘When we made the choice to switch to Steam-connect, it was also based on a click we had. You always try to find the right partners for your organization and we found them in Steam-connect. That is a progressive and innovative organization, and that is completely in line with the way we want to serve our clients.”