Soleo Contact Centers is located in the De Leeuwenbrug office complex in Deventer, strategically located next to the train station and within walking distance of the historic city centre. Companies can go here for outsourcing their customer contact, but also for the implementation of loyalty programs, sales & marketing campaigns and debtor management. It is already the third location for the company, founded in 2008, which has achieved impressive growth through hard work in recent years. Client director Patricia Schra calls it a team effort and sees the technical support of customer contact platform Steam-connect as an essential part of this.

The cheerful Schra is clearly satisfied with Steam-connect, the customer contact platform that has been indispensable at Soleo since 2010. It can be applied to clients of different sizes, which is ideal for the residents of Deventer. “With a handful of calls a day, we offer our small customers the option to place their customer contact in a team that manages multiple companies. However, this means that our employees must immediately know for whom they are acting. Steam-connect enables the correct company-specific information to immediately appear on the screen as soon as the phone rings. This often includes frequently asked questions, so that the employee can handle the customer request as well and as quickly as possible.”


In addition to using Steam-connect as a fully-fledged customer contact platform, it can also be linked to other systems. “All contact lines enter Steam-connect, to which you can then add your own customer data. This way you can save complete telephone conversations, linked to customer profiles. This makes it easier to handle customer contact because employees quickly have all the desired information in front of them.”

peak moments

The technology of Steam-connect ensures that Soleo’s services are never under pressure, even at peak times. “Clients can, for example, have their customers send an e-mail via their own e-mail program or contact form on the website. In Steam-connect we have recreated the fields of that form, so that the content automatically ends up in the corresponding boxes. For example, we can sort customer requests by subject, such as invoice questions or changing data. In order to be able to help the customer as quickly and completely as possible, we can then route this to the most suitable employee, for example someone who is an expert at figuring out questions about invoicing.”

Completely manageable yourself

The observant reader is already aware that companies can manage Steam-connect themselves. Schra sees this as a clear advantage. “We can set up the system according to our own wishes, which is great! It works intuitively, so that you can get started with it without IT knowledge. In addition, Steam-connect is flexible, because the individual systems of our clients are closed. effortlessly as well.”

The support department is also always available for questions or tips. “If you are missing something, you can report it and they will do everything they can to solve it. As soon as they notice that others encounter the same problem, they even rebuild the system for you, at no extra cost. That continuous development of the product ensures that as a company you can always remain a Steam-connect customer, even if your wishes or those of the market change.”