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Founded six years ago and based in Genk, Belgium, Victus Sales has specialized in telephone appointment setting in the B2B market. With prominent clients such as Kinepolis, SD Worx, KBC and VanBreda, the company serves diverse sectors such as finance, HR, IT, and marketing. The team consists of about 65 sales agents, mainly focused on the Belgian market, but with growing activities in the Netherlands and other neighboring countries.

Specialization as a core strategy

The choice to specialize was a conscious strategy of Victus Sales. “By specializing, we were able to stand out and really become an expert in our niche,” explains Tasso Limneos. This choice is further refined by the careful selection of sales agents, with language and cultural factors playing an important role. Limneos explains, “We always make sure that the right people with the right profiles are deployed. For example, a Flemish-speaking agent has a higher conversion rate in Belgium than in the Netherlands.”

Integrated communication

The most notable advantage of using Steam-connect’s software is the integration of several communication channels into one interface. Limneos emphasizes how important this is: “It makes our agents’ lives much easier because they don’t have to constantly switch between different platforms. Everything is available from one screen.”

Data-driven decision-making

With real-time dashboards, managers and agents can track performance and make immediate adjustments as needed. “The ability to view data in real-time is critical to our operational efficiency,” Limneos notes.

In addition, Steam-connect’s cloud-based solution makes it easy to scale up during peak times and gives agents the flexibility to work from different locations.

Future Vision

“There will come a point when we will reach the limits of our niche, but that is future music. For now, we are determined to refine our current strategy and further improve our track record,” Limneos said.

The success of Victus Sales is no accident. It is the result of deliberate focus, strategic choices and smart use of technology through Steam-connect. With a strong position in the Belgian market and an expanding footprint in the Netherlands and abroad, Victus Sales is a textbook example of how specialization and technology can go hand in hand to achieve outstanding results.