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Steam-connect functionalities

Steam-connect has it all.

Never lose the storyline again, make the life of your agents easier and ensure good contact with your customers. With Steam-connect, every conversation stays on steam. Discover which functionalities Steam-connect has in store for your organization.


Steam-connect functionalities

Steam-connect has it all.

Never lose the storyline again, make the life of your agents easier and ensure good contact with your customers. With Steam-connect, every conversation stays on steam. Discover which functionalities Steam-connect has in store for your organization.


Steam-connect functionalities

Steam-connect has it all.

Never lose the storyline again, make the life of your agents easier and ensure good contact with your customers. With Steam-connect, every conversation stays on steam. Discover which functionalities Steam-connect has in store for your organization.


What does Steam-connect offer?

Our conversation software offers you a lot of possibilities. From inbound and outbound telephony, e-mail, chat, SMS, and WhatsApp, to social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You organize all your customer contact in the way that best suits your company. Curious about the costs? With us you only pay for what you use .


Customers still like to pick up the phone. But then they want to get to the right person quickly. With our innovative IVR, all your inbound traffic gets to the right agent.


Get the most out of your outbound strategy through intelligent dialers. Our clients use it for customer contact, but also for appointment scheduling, lead generation or database enrichment.

Social Media

Steam-connect goes beyond just calling, so we integrate with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp for Business.

Custom integration? We have your back

Text messages are still well read. Of course, we make good use of that in Steam-connect. Sending a reminder of an appointment made? No problem!


Receive and reply to all e-mails in one screen where other contacts are also handled.


Live chat is one of the fastest emerging customer contact channels. With Steam-connect you can easily add a chat widget to your website, so that customers get immediate answers to their questions.


Also, handle customer contact forms quickly and easily without your colleagues having to switch between screens and tools.


WhatsApp has two billion users and is making its rise in customer contact. A platform, therefore, you shouldn’t miss. With our WhatsApp for Business integration, you”ll blend it with all your other channels.

Steam-connect API

With our API, you link your other packages to Steam-connect, such as your CRM or ERP solution. We also integrate with Salesdock by default.


Steam-connect functionalities

Blend all your contact channels and don’t waste time.

You want to keep your services to your customers flexible and efficient. Then blending your contact channels is a solution. For example, when there are few incoming calls, your agents can deal with outbound calls or messages on Twitter. And all in the same screen. You can blend conversations based on skills or campaign, whichever suits the assignment best.

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Calendar synchronization

Our customers use Steam-connect a lot for their telemarketing . And we understand why. If you integrate your agenda, you get even more out of your day.

  • Can be linked with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 & Google Calendar
  • Use Outlook for visit reports
  • Reserve space for travel time between your appointments
  • Set a maximum number of appointments

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Workforce management

With Steam-connect you not only manage your customers, but also your agents. Get notifications on important events and never forget a birthday. Hurrah!

  • Extensive personnel administration

  • Schedule module and preparation salary administration

  • Document management

  • Holiday and sickness registration

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Call recording & listening in

We like to learn from our experiences. It’s no different for your agents. With Steam-connect you can listen back to conversations from the past and give feedback on the content of the conversation. You can also listen in on a live conversation. And do you want to whisper something quickly? That too is possible.

  • Integrated call recordings

  • We keep your files for two months by default

  • … But longer is of course also possible

  • Optional: Copy your recordings to your own location using SFTP

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High-quality API

Integration creates desire. That is why we have a high-quality API, so that your data is always in the right place.

  • Full API

  • SOAP-support

  • Custom integration? We have your back

  • Standard integrations available

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Callcenter reports

Always clear insight into your performance.

How busy is your contact center? How effective are your agents? Which campaign is the most successful? With the extensive reporting module in Steam-connect you have direct insight into your complete contact center. Create your own reports and make sure you’re always running at maximum power.

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Safety first

We host your data on reliable Telecity servers in Amsterdam, so that your customer data is always in safe hands. Such a comforting feeling.

  • We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified
  • Two-factor authentication & password grid
  • Your data is on a Dutch server and we make a double backup every day
  • MS Clustered SQL server, which meets the highest security requirements
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Fully cloud-based

Take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud: Steam-connect is available anytime, anywhere. You do not need your own servers, telephone exchange or IT staff.

  • Always free access to the latest updates

  • 99.98% uptime
  • Monitoring via mobile devices
  • Available on Windows, macOS and Android
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External Integrations

To make Steam-connect even more complete, we can integrate with a number of handy external services.

  • Postcode, IBAN and email checker

  • Social Media Trends
  • Registered mail
  • Travel time calculation
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We are ready for you

Steam-connect is so easy to operate that you don’t need the IT department quickly. Can’t figure it out? Then give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

  • Regular support from 8.30am to 5pm
  • Free 24/7 breakdown service
  • Free training sessions every week to brush up on your knowledge

  • Consultancy, customization and customized campaign building

Steam-connect functionalities

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can additional functionalities be developed if I need them?2022-06-13T10:44:32+01:00

In Steam-connect, the user is central. As soon as you miss functionalities, we are happy to develop them for you. Every good idea is valuable and determines the development of our product.

Can I port my own number pad to Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:24:04+01:00

If your numbers are contract-free, you can port them to your virtual telephone exchange without any problems. You can also control fixed telephones from your exchange. This way you get all your telephony costs neatly on one invoice, both in and outside Steam connect.

Can I also integrate Steam-connect with my office telephony?2021-08-23T12:23:18+01:00

You can. Thanks to this integration, your agents gain insight into the availability of the rest of your company and you only have one point of contact for all your telephony services.

Can I also use Steam-connect without telephony?2021-08-23T12:21:41+01:00

You can. Steam-connect ensures that the right command is presented to the right user at the right time. The action that is expected from the user does not necessarily have to be a call action. Steam-connect is ideal for distributing all your work assignments within your organization

Can I also deduplicate files in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:15:12+01:00

In Steam-connect you can deduplicate phone numbers against each other. This prevents you from approaching the same customers multiple times.

What agent statistics are tracked?2021-08-23T12:12:30+01:00

The answer to this question is simple: all. Whether your agents are preparing, calling, finishing or scheduling, all time spent in Steam-connect will be logged and saved for you. You can also track all times in real time. With Steam-connect, all your employees can be logged in from the beginning to the end of the working day and you can see afterwards, but also in real time, how productively they have used time.

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What our customers say

We can claim that we develop great software, but do our customers think so too? Thank goodness yes! Read their testimonials.

  • Lead Development Company

    “We go for quality in our conversations and so you have to work with the best software. The great thing about Steam-connect is that it is very scalable: we grew in terms of customer base and number of employees, and you can always add new employees and customers effortlessly."

  • SociaalPlus

    “Steam-connect is head and shoulders above the rest on several fronts. First of all, the flexibility, the cost price and also the possibilities for training. But especially their motivation and commitment to help set up the system and adapt it to our way of working.”

  • Roscom Promotion

    "We clicked immediately in the first conversations, our supply and demand of Steam-connect matched perfectly and it was arranged and installed in no time. With Steam-connect we were able to get started right away, but there was also room for possible further growth."

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