We are all used to having conversations through all kinds of channels. The whole day long. These channels and platforms are very diverse and constantly changing. With that in mind, we have developed a future-proof platform that allows you to join whenever and wherever you want. A solution where there is complete freedom. Through which (future) channels the conversation also runs.

This way, all customer interactions are tracked without losing the storyline. With Steam-connect, every conversation stays on top of steam.

With a motivated team of almost 60 driven professionals, in Beverwijk, Germany and Morocco, we build this platform every day with great passion.

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Working in Morocco for Steam connect

We make smart and innovative software solutions for customer contact. We work as a team with the right people, partners and suppliers. We listen, research and anticipate user and market needs. We exceed expectations.

Our technical colleagues are located in our office in Tangier. They ensure that our platform is up and running and that it is developed further to continue to meet changing customer demand.

They do this both at the office and from home: very hybrid. The lines with the organization in the Netherlands are short, so we can always give the best for our customer.

Why work in Morocco at Steam-connect?

Working for Steam-connect in Morocco has a number of advantages:

  • You work for an international organization and you gain a lot of experience.
  • You get the freedom to develop yourself.
  • You get the chance to make a real difference and to cross boundaries.

View the vacancies:

For our vacancies in Morocco you can visit our Moroccan website .

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