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Frequently asked questions2022-08-08T12:52:52+01:00

The most frequently asked questions about Steam-connect.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about Steam connect. Is your question not listed? Please fill in the contact form, we will be happy to help you.


What is the minimum number of users and maximum number of users allowed in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:25:24+01:00

This depends entirely on your needs. Steam-connect is both a solution for small businesses that offer workloads to only a few users, as well as a solution for big data call centers that call with hundreds of agents simultaneously. It’s all possible with Steam-connect!

I don’t have phone numbers. Can I get them via Steam-connect?2022-06-13T10:29:56+01:00

You can request unlimited outbound numbers. You can decide for yourself in which region you want the numbers. Of course there are costs associated with this service.

Can I use my own phone numbers in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:20:11+01:00

Absolute. You can use your own phone numbers from the moment you start.

I don’t have a call center, is Steam-connect suitable for my organization?2022-06-13T10:20:36+01:00

Yes, of course. Steam-connect can be used in any company that deals with customer contact. With Steam-connect you ensure that your employees only have to concentrate on the customer contact that is offered to them. As a manager you determine how the incoming and outgoing traffic is offered and distributed. Steam-connect prevents you from losing time or missing appointments unnecessarily. You don’t have to leave a phone call, email, chat or social media message unanswered either.

I have no technical knowledge, can I still work with Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:14:38+01:00

You don’t have to have that either. Steam-connect focuses on the everyday user. Our interface helps you step by step through the software and allows you to set up a complete customer contact center without a programmer.

How secure is Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:14:05+01:00

Steam-connect has a large number of security measures. This way you determine which user can log in at what times. You can protect accounts with a password or a passgrid that gives the user a different password with every login. You can also whitelist your entire Steam-connect environment IP. This way you can prevent logging in from locations other than your own network. Your data is also safe and stored in a state-of-the-art data center that meets the strictest security standards and (ISO) certifications. Safety is our top priority.

Can conversations be kept for longer than two months?2021-08-23T12:11:20+01:00

This is possible. We will discuss with you how long you want to keep the recordings. You can also easily download the recordings yourself or have them exported to your own storage location.

Can I work from home with Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:07:00+01:00

Yes, that’s possible. Both Steam-connect and your virtual telephone exchange are completely web-based. So you are never tied to a fixed location. A computer with an internet connection is the only requirement to be able to carry out your work.


Do I need to have my own telephone exchange to make calls in Steam connect?2021-08-23T12:22:19+01:00

Your Steam-connect environment has its own virtual telephone exchange. So you do not have to purchase a telephone exchange yourself.

Can I report in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:21:09+01:00

In Steam-connect you can track, report and export all your statistics. In addition, you can apply endless filters for all your reporting needs. For example, do you want to report per campaign, per location, per supplier or even per agent? It’s all up to you.

I have no experience with a software package yet, is there help available?2021-08-23T12:17:14+01:00

The entire team at Steam-connect is at your service day and night. You can reach us by phone, chat and email. No question is too big for our care team and you can always reach us for help and questions, or to develop ideas.

Can I use Steam-connect from multiple locations?2022-06-13T08:39:09+01:00

Both Steam-connect and your virtual telephone exchange are completely web-based. So you are never tied to a fixed location. A computer with an internet connection is the only requirement to be able to carry out your work.

How does Steam-connect handle a voicemail?2021-08-23T12:15:40+01:00

You decide that all by yourself. You can determine yourself in Steam-connect what the follow-up action will be after each result code. Do you want to call back? Do you want to send an email? Leave a text message? How often do you want to call someone back? You arrange it all yourself!

Are my internet connection and computer fast enough for Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:13:27+01:00

The minimum requirements to properly run Steam-connect are not that bad. For internet we use a minimum bandwidth of 125 KB up & down per workstation. Your computer must perform at least equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 2.2 GHz with 1024 Mb internal memory or higher. The minimum display resolution is 1024 x 780. Steam-connect will still function on Windows XP, however, we will no longer provide a guarantee from 1 May 2014 and only provide ‘best effort support’.

How does the Steam-connect implementation work?2022-07-19T14:31:06+01:00


Can additional functionalities be developed if I need them?2022-06-13T10:44:32+01:00

In Steam-connect, the user is central. As soon as you miss functionalities, we are happy to develop them for you. Every good idea is valuable and determines the development of our product.

Can I port my own number pad to Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:24:04+01:00

If your numbers are contract-free, you can port them to your virtual telephone exchange without any problems. You can also control fixed telephones from your exchange. This way you get all your telephony costs neatly on one invoice, both in and outside Steam connect.

Can I also integrate Steam-connect with my office telephony?2021-08-23T12:23:18+01:00

You can. Thanks to this integration, your agents gain insight into the availability of the rest of your company and you only have one point of contact for all your telephony services.

Can I also use Steam-connect without telephony?2021-08-23T12:21:41+01:00

You can. Steam-connect ensures that the right command is presented to the right user at the right time. The action that is expected from the user does not necessarily have to be a call action. Steam-connect is ideal for distributing all your work assignments within your organization

Can I also deduplicate files in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:15:12+01:00

In Steam-connect you can deduplicate phone numbers against each other. This prevents you from approaching the same customers multiple times.

What agent statistics are tracked?2021-08-23T12:12:30+01:00

The answer to this question is simple: all. Whether your agents are preparing, calling, finishing or scheduling, all time spent in Steam-connect will be logged and saved for you. You can also track all times in real time. With Steam-connect, all your employees can be logged in from the beginning to the end of the working day and you can see afterwards, but also in real time, how productively they have used time.

Can I listen in with the agents?2021-08-23T12:11:53+01:00

You can listen live at any time during a conversation via your own Real Time Monitor. You can also monitor in real time what your users are doing. You can even see on which page in which campaign the call is currently being made. With Steam-connect you will not miss anything!

Does Steam-connect record conversations?2021-08-23T12:10:50+01:00

Your recordings are stored for 2 months by default. You can also export, listen, download and edit your recordings at any time.

How do I export data from Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:10:11+01:00

You can make an export of your data in Steam-connect at any time. Here you can view the results live from the Steam-connect interface. You can export the data to Excel or CSV. And you can automatically supply data to an external API yourself. You could also use your own export profile for each client. In short: the possibilities are endless.

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How do I import data into Steam-connect2021-08-23T12:09:38+01:00

There are many ways to load data into Steam-connect. The most common way to import is to import your data yourself via an Excel upload. You can also offer data via the API. You or your clients can automatically import the data from an external package.

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Can I automatically email customers after a conversation?2021-08-23T12:09:08+01:00

Not just email. In Steam-connect you can automatically email and text a customer both during and after the conversation. Whether it concerns an appointment confirmation, quotation or reminder email. You can configure it all yourself.

Can I also bind callbacks to half-days?2021-08-23T12:08:11+01:00

Absolute. You can indicate per campaign in how many and on which days callbacks must be released. In addition to day parts, you can even bind weekdays to each record. If your customer only wants to be called on specific days or days, Steam-connect also only offers the record at that time.

Can an agent receive inbound while making outbound calls?2021-08-23T12:07:30+01:00

Which can. An agent only needs to be logged in in Steam-connect. Based on assigning you can let blended all his activities come in. Not only inbound, but also chat, callbacks, email and incoming social media messages.


I have 100 employees, but only 50 active users per day. Do I have to pay for all 100 accounts?2021-08-23T12:19:34+01:00

New. In Steam-connect you only pay for the users who actually perform activities in the system. Your costs will therefore only increase if your organization grows, and will decrease again if you enter a quiet period.

How much does Steam-connect cost?2021-08-23T12:04:33+01:00

Steam-connect is made available on a license basis. We use a pricing model based on usage, so you never pay too much. You buy what you need, so you can see the costs as fully variable costs. In busy times you use more licenses than in quiet times. The use of the management environment is free of charge, only the use by agents is charged.

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