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With Hiya, you’re no longer an unknown caller and you’re just playing open. This way you avoid the negative associations that come with an unfamiliar number and increase your pickup rates.

What is Hiya software?

Hiya software allows you to make outbound calls with an authenticated identity, so your customers never have to wonder who is on the other end of the phone. This will make your contacts more meaningful and no one will have to guess who is trying to reach them.

Hiya uses artificial intelligence to block spam calls and text messages. This is done by analyzing the user’s calling or texting habits and comparing them to known spam callers and texters. If a match is detected, the call or text message is automatically blocked.

Deal with spammers

Hiya can also detect unknown spam callers and texters, so even if a number is not in your contact list, Hiya software can still block it if it is determined to be a spam caller or texter. In addition, you can manually report numbers as spam, which helps Hiya software improve the accuracy of blocking for all users.

The advantages of Hiya software

  • More reach
  • Better performance & higher pickup-rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower CPO
  • Better brand reputation

What does Hiya software cost in Steam-connect?

This new functionality is now available in Steam-connect. Curious about the costs? In our brochure you will find a cost overview, you can download it below. Not a Steam-connect customer yet? If so, request a demo and we’ll be happy to show you this cool functionality as well.

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