Customer contact via Social Media is a must for any company that wants to keep up with the coming years.

If Social Media is not yet part of your customer contact vision, you are missing out on opportunities such as:

  • Promote your sales;
  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Improve your business processes.

Are you not using your social channels for customer contact yet? Then now is the time to get started. Read on to find out what crucial role social media channels can play in your customer experience.

Why every company should invest in customer contact via Social Media

A customer contact strategy is a key to long-term success. A well-thought-out Customer Experience leads your customers to a purchase faster than good marketing.

Research by PwC even shows that 73% of buyers indicate the Customer Experience as the top reason to make a purchase.

Why Social Media belongs in your customer contact

Social Media is one of the most important communication tools for customer engagement – right now 75% of people use Social Media to interact with their favorite companies.

And more importantly, 47% of people expect companies to be active on Social Media . Are you not responding? Then that one-way street will stop them at a certain point.

The benefits of customer contact via Social Media

Social Media for call centers has a lot of advantages in your customer contact strategy:

Cost savings

Did you know that the average costs for customer contact via Social Media are about 6 times lower than for the costs of customer contact via telephone?

That’s because you can have multiple Social Media conversations at the same time, something that gets difficult with phone conversations.

Here we have to add that Social Media platforms also have their limitations. They’re great for answering simple questions, but you’ll have to move more complex issues to the phone line.

But Social Media is the place to take the pressure off your phone lines and lower the cost of answering simple questions.

Customer loyalty

Call centers can use Social Media to interact with customers and increase their loyalty. They make it possible to communicate with them in real time in a personal way, which makes your brand a lot more humane.

When you continuously respond to your customers in a friendly and professional way, they will have a positive perception of your brand. However, this can bounce back when you’re not fast enough or suddenly stop responding – of course it feels like you’re being put on hold.

If you’re able to engage your customers on social media and keep them that way, they’re more likely to stick with you in the long run.

Be ready for negative feedback

We have to be honest. Social Media has many advantages, but they also have a downside . Because unfortunately people are prone to complaining and Social Media is the outlet.

Negative word of mouth on Social Media can be dangerous because before you know it you will go viral.

And that only means one thing: the Customer Experience and customer satisfaction should always be your top priority.

5 tips for excellent customer contact via Social Media

1. Use an omnichannel approach

Contact by telephone or via instant messaging is no longer enough today. 66% of customers prefer to buy from companies that use different channels for their customer contact.

An omnichannel contact center uses different contact channels and knows how to seamlessly merge them. In practice, this can mean that someone sends a message via Facebook, receives a reply via WhatsApp and then responds again via Twitter.

With customer contact via Social Media, it is important that you offer the same service through all your channels. With software such as Steam-connect you blend all your channels in one interface, so that your customer does not notice anything when he switches channels.

2. Find and reward customer feedback

Customer satisfaction surveys and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) are integral to the success and performance of your contact center. Customer feedback gives you valuable insights into the status of your services and helps your team identify successes and areas for improvement.

You have to collect this information through all your channels and Social Media is no exception.

Send a survey via direct messaging or post a poll for customers to vote for.

This shows your customers that you value them and their opinion matters.

Not getting the response you’re hoping for? Then consider creating a rewards program. For example, you can give them a discount on their next purchase.

3. Report your Social Media activities

Which metrics are in your call center reports ? Most call centers focus on KPIs such as abandonment rate, average response speed, and resolve in the first call.

But do you also report your activities on Social Media?

Your customer engagement strategy should measure two areas: engagement (impressions, clicks, reactions) and behavior (what kind of messages they post, positive vs. negative).

Use both qualitative and quantitative data to get a more holistic view of your Social Media efforts and how your customers are responding to them.

4. Look closely at your competitors

You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Are you not getting any further with your strategy? Then look at how your competitors organize their customer contact via Social Media and take notes.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of posts do their customers share with them?
  • What tone of voice do they use in their customer contact?
  • How often do they post something?
  • What do they do well and what could they do differently?

It’s also smart to look at other industries, because then you break out of old patterns and set a new standard.

5. Stay on top of your customers’ activities

When a customer has a problem, he no longer simply picks up the phone. In most cases, he goes straight to Social Media to share his experience and demands answers.

This is tricky because it means that your agents have to solve problems in public. Feedback is essential in your reporting, not just the fact that you collect it, but above all the fact that you acknowledge it – especially when it comes to negative feedback.

Thank every customer for positive feedback. Is it negative? Then apologize and communicate your plans to make amends.

Close the conversation by being clear and friendly. Your public responses should not only reassure the customer in question, they should also positively promote your brand.

How do you organize customer contact via Social Media?

Social Media channels are popping up like mushrooms and are popping up on top of all your other channels. Do you have trouble keeping up with all those channels and do you feel that it costs your agents more time than it saves? Request a demo of Steam-connect.

Our software blends all channels into one convenient interface so that communication never gets mixed up again. A must for every company that wants to maintain customer contact via Social Media!